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Welcome to Biz Op Banners!

Biz Op Banners is here to help you skyrocket your online advertising campaigns with unique, custom designed banners and splash pages for your biz op. We provide fast delivery at an extremely affordable cost. 

  My name is Kris Karafotas, the designer behind Biz Op Banners and I want to personally thank you for visiting this website. I have been involved in Network Marketing for 15 years and an Internet Marketer for 10 of those years. One thing that I realized early on is that in order to succeed in this marketplace you need to set yourself aside from your competition - including fellow distributors and marketers involved in the same business opportunity.

While most companies provide banners and promotional materials for their distributors, it becomes ineffective when hundreds or thousands of people are advertising the exact same thing. You want to be unique in appearance, verbiage and cause curiosity to entice people to visit your website.

Biz Op Banners   Biz Op Banners  Biz Op Banners

Biz Op Banners is your solution!

Unique, Custom Designed Banners and Splash Pages!

Extremely Affordable - $15 Static Banner, $25 Animated Banner, $60 Splash Page. We Even Provide the Hosting!

Fast Delivery To Your Inbox - Simple Instructions Included, No "Techie Skills" Necessary!

You Own the Banner, Splash Page, Graphic! Advertise/Use Them Wherever You Want!

So Let's Get "Unique"!

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Are Banner Ads and Graphics Effective?

Did you know that just having one good quality banner graphic can boost your sales? According to Forrester Research, digital display ads (banner graphic ads) are expected to increase to $28 billion in the next five years. In 2012, $12.7 billion was spent on this kind of advertising.

So many of us suffer from what I like to call "digital distraction". It's easy to get distracted because there is just so much to see and learn on the Internet. As users, we try to quickly gloss over websites to find what brought us there in the first place.

Banner graphic advertising is an extremely effective way to get through all the digital clutter and connect with your prospects. Good quality banner graphics will capture attention prompting the visitor to click on your banner ad boosting your click through rate.

In general, people respond better to images or graphics - banner graphic design is all about creating visual eye candy. The beauty of banner graphic ads is that you can have both images and text on the banner. It's important to standout, but at the same token you don't want to clutter your banner graphic with to many images or text.

Every banner graphic designed at Biz Op Banners is unique to the person ordering. We welcome the opportunity to help you promote your business!


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